Abstracts Collection

The abstracts are essentially projections of my thoughts and feelings regarding an experience in my life. The colour scheme is evocative of the memories conjured up in my unconscious. The numbers refer to years or significant events from my past. Some numbers are sequential indicating a duration of time. The letters refer to a relationship and the text may offer hope or give the painting a profound meaning. As in the word “Miasma” meaning, pollution or bad air.

The movement in the composition is similar to music and moves the eye in, around and through the collage. I have experimented with layering paper and swirling glue and later applying gold paint and gold dust on top of cool colours. I have also applied encaustic wax and impasto of gold to give it a feeling of depth.

Other mixed media collage may simply be an organization of cut-outs like paper dolls combined with water colour to make a statement about the fashion industry.

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